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Ordered these Multivitamins Tuesday and received them Wednesday, excellent service, great packaging, booklet showing Dr Marks full range of products very helpful and informative for future products. Will definitely be ordering more.

Michelle Edge
Amazon UK

Since taking them I have really noticed an improvement in my energy levels and my sleeping habits have improved.

I like the pouch style and the capsules have been made in England which is another plus for me.

I would highly recommended these multivitamins. I have just ordered another 3 packets.

Wendy Vaughan
Amazon UK

Brilliant Product & Great Service

I have been using this product for a while now and I can honestly say I am feeling better health wise & I have more energy

The packaging is great and the booklet included is very useful indeed. Also it’s nice knowing that these have been made by Doctors who know exactly what the body needs to function properly.
Well worth money so if you haven’t tried them yet please do.

Kerry Woodfield
Amazon UK

Great product

Feel better after taking these for just a week! Totally trust the product as they were sourced by Doctors. Packaging quality, delivery quick.

Mrs ON
Amazon UK

Comprehensive formula and feel great

I’m suspicious of the quality of vitamins but these seem great and I can see the benefit already so will be buying more! I’ve signed up to their website too to get more tips direct from Doctors and so far really good.

Amazon UK

Been taking them for 3 weeks now, what a difference. I strongly believe that these vitamins are making me feel more complete. Coincidence I doubt, my energy levels are better. I also feel more switched on. I have less aches after a hard days work.
I have just bought 6 months worth as I am extremely happy with them!
Thank you Dr Marks.

Michael V

Easy to swallow vitamins.

We noticed a difference after a week, sleeping much better, stress levels dropped dramatically. Felt better in general.

Mark Horsfall

Excellent product.

Wonderful vitamin. Ordered this one because I had more confidence in it being made by doctors rather than the traditional ones. Tablets come in an easy to store resealable pouch and are easy to swallow. Stocking up on a couple of months worth now.

Terry D

Fantastic product!

Been taking these for a while now and can hands down say they make me feel better, more energetic and all round healthier!

Simple to take and great packaging makes storage easy.

Have got a few months supply but will definitely be ordering again and again for sure!

Be the best you can
Mens Multivitamin
Just some of the benefits:

- Reduction of tiredness & fatigue
- Normal function of the immune system
- Helps normal mental performance
- Normal energy-yielding metabolism
- Carbohydrate metabolism
- DNA & protein synthesis
- Normal fertility & reproduction
- Normal testosterone levels in the blood

Under 30p per day...
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Stay strong & confident
Womens Multivitamin
Just some of the benefits:

- Reduction of tiredness & fatigue
- Normal function of the immune system
- Stimulates collagen formation for normal skin, hair & nails function
- Stimulates production of thyroid hormones
- Helps with mental performance, cognitive & psychological function
- Normal fertility & reproduction

Under 30p per day...
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suitable for conception, pregnancy and after birth
Contains UK Department of Health recommended doses of both Folic Acid and Vitamin D.

Just some of the benefits for 25p per day;

- Contributes to normal fertility and reproduction
- Reduction of tiredness & fatigue
- Helps regulation of hormonal activity
- Normal function of the immune system
- Aids iron absorption which is key for healthy red blood cells and haemoglobin
- Stimulates production of thyroid hormones
- Has a role in the process of cell division
- Normal DNA & protein synthesis
- Helps with mental performance, cognitive & psychological function
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Protect you & your loved ones
Immune Support
Unlike many products offering very limited beneficial ingredients with proven science, we have included all vitamin and minerals approved with evidence supporting the claim of helping support the immune system.

The recent pandemic has made many of us take our health and immunity seriously. But there are also many other infections like influenza and other viruses which can make us very unwell throughout the year. By looking after ourselves, sleeping well, eating well and exercising, we can help give our immune systems that extra support.

Our Immune support capsules provide additional support to ensure you are not deficient in key nutrients which some of us already are. By taking a capsule daily, we believe you are then able to give your immune system the best chance of protecting yourself against the many infections we are exposed to all year round.
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1 in 4 people are deficient
Vitamin D3 - 2500IU
Whilst there is a long list of health benefits, regulations state only certain health claims can be made. These include:

- Maintenance of normal bones, teeth and muscle function
- Normal function of the immune system
- Normal absorption & utilisation of calcium and phosphorus
- Vitamin D also has a role in the process of cell division

Just 20p per day.
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The Declining UK Nutritional Intake Affects You Too

Find out which vitamins and minerals you may be deficient in following the most comprehensive survey done in the UK and why you should take action NOW to reverse or prevent avoidable symptoms and health problems.
Plant based capsule
We only use capsules even though they cost us more...

Easy to swallow

No unpleasant taste

No unnecessary chemicals (no binding agents, whitening substances, colouring, flavourings, flow agents, or needless fillers)

Why Did 2 NHS Doctors Decide To Make Their Own Supplements?

The vitamin market is saturated with unqualified people selling supplements with no science or medical background.

As Doctors, we were concerned and so took action by producing our own high quality supplements.

We see patients suffer avoidable health problems due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies and through our education and high quality supplements, we aim to reverse the tide and get Britain back on track to good health.

Our Mission & Why Dr Marks dares to be different


Our ingredients are of high quality and put together with a company that shares our ethos of providing only the best.


We combine population data and research with our experience as Doctors to keep you healthy and thrive in a busy modern world.


We don’t just sell amazing supplements, we also share our knowledge as Doctors. We want our customers to be the most knowledgeable.

Stacking allows you to Mix & Match

Taking different supplements can be dangerous due to excessive doses, but we understand that combining products is valued, common and beneficial.

We have carefully formulated our products so you can safely combine them and never breach safe limits.

Now you have the freedom to mix & match with a brand that you can trust.

Suitable For Vegetarians

All of our capsules are made from vegetable cellulose - a natural dietary fibre.

Made Free From Gluten

Suitable if you have coeliac disease or find it hard to tolerate gluten.

Made Free From Lactose

Suitable for lactose allergy or intolerance, or if you are sensitive to lactose.

Designed Using Research

We use research, evidence and population data to formulate our products.

UK Made

Manufactured & Processed in the UK to support our economy and businesses.

Never Tested On Animals

We do not support any form of testing or cruelty towards animals.