About Us

As NHS Doctors, we have a passion for helping people with their health and have been doing so for decades. We also have a keen focus on preventative medicine and nutrition. This is critical for treating our patients holistically and with various reports warning about growing nutritional gaps within the UK population, we know only too well that many people need supplements to help fill the gaps their diet does not provide. And these gaps are more common than we realise.

When looking to buy vitamins ourselves, despite over 30 years combined experience as Doctors, we got confused! There was so much variation, some products had unnecessary or unusual ingredients often with very little if any evidence of benefit, others had essential ones missing, and more worryingly some products that had very high doses potentially causing harm, or very low doses making them barely worthwhile buying. This left us unsure which supplements were best for ourselves, unclear which were safe for our pregnant wives and we struggled to recommend brands or products to family, friends and indeed our patients.

Why supplements are a good idea

Whilst we fully promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle with good quality food, we know that realistically this is not always possible and we were particularly shocked to see the HSIS report in 2019 showing the scale of nutritional deficiency in the UK. This was the catalyst for us to do something. We want to ensure that every person has the same opportunity to have good nutrition because better nutrition means better health.

And so Dr Marks was born...... eventually. Working long hours as Doctors, it has actually taken us a few years to get here but we did it! We are two Doctors committed to providing high quality supplements that are backed by population data, that utilise scientific evidence and guidance, and that follow expert recommendations from our colleagues in science and medicine.

It's not just about selling

Our goal is to also make sense of the current, often confusing, nutritional supplement marketplace, so you can make informed decisions on what products are best and safest for you and your loved ones. To achieve this we are providing useful information about nutrition and health related matters on our website, blog, facebook and instagram pages, and youtube channel. We want to share our knowledge and experience as Doctors and give you information that you can trust. We sadly see so much information online that is incorrect, misleading and sometimes dangerous.

Health and Nutrition is just too important to ignore. We hope you can find trust and reassurance in choosing our supplements and find our education materials, blogs and social media platforms useful and informative. Together we hope to make a real difference in replenishing the UK's nutritional deficiencies and giving as many people as possible better health and well-being. And if you haven't started your journey yet, please browse our expanding product range to see how you can benefit too.

Meet the Team

Dr Marc Crutchley

Co-Founder of Dr Marks

I'm a GP Partner working in Manchester with a background in Sports Medicine & Nutrition. My wife is a nurse (the real backbone of the NHS) and we have 4 kids together. I'm very much a family man, but when I get some spare time I love DIY and have renovated several houses.

Dr Mark Wilshere

Co-Founder of Dr Marks

I am married to my amazing wife Alex and we have 4 incredible children that I love dearly. I have worked in the NHS since 1997 and currently am a GP Partner in a busy Surgery in Manchester. In the little time available between work and family, I love to cycle and play golf.

Testimonials - Every Review Received is 5 Stars!


Excellent service and quality product

Firstly the delivery and packaging was spot on. Quick and professional.Been taking them for 3 weeks now, what a difference. I strongly believe that these vitamins are making me feel more complete. Coincidence I doubt, my energy levels are better. I also feel more switched on. I have less aches after a hard days work.I have just bought 6 months worth as I am extremely happy with them!

Thank you Dr Marks

Michael Vaughan
28th October 2021

Easy to swallow vitamins.

We noticed a difference after a week, sleeping much better, stress levels dropped dramatically. Felt better in general.

Mark Horsfall
13th November 2021

Been taking these for a while now and can hands down say they make me feel better, more energetic and all round healthier!

Simple to take and great packaging makes storage easy.

Have got a few months supply but will definitely be ordering again and again for sure!

31st October 2021

Fantastic product!

I ordered these vitamins and they are fab i feel full of energy and can actually see a positive affect unlike most of the garbage they sell in the shops. I cannot reccomend this product enough!!!! Will defo be reordering!

Dan Barton
12th November 2021

Better than the big names.

I’ve been taking a multi vitamin for years now presuming I was taking something that was a good supplement for me. I didn’t realise that the big names in supplements put a awful load of fillers, colours and unnecessary things in their pills.

After trawling the internet’s and speaking to people Dr Marks were recommended to me. They are literally just the supplement, no fillers etc in a really easy to swallow capsule. I’ve been taking them three weeks now and I genuinely feel better than I did. Is it a placebo effect? Coincidence? Or do they do a better job than the big names? I know which one I think it is and I think they’re doing the job. Brilliant product.

Adam C-T
21st October 2021

I ordered these vitamins for my son who is extremely keen on improving his health and fitness.

he has been taking them for the last few weeks on a daily basis and says he feels so much more energised, his hair and skin is feeling great and overall he is very impressed with them, (this is not an easy achievement let me tell you!).
He is keen to continue them and we will be ordering again very soon x

G Mather
21st October 2021

Would recommend.

Bought these for my husband. Product arrived promptly and packaging was just as advertised. Also included information leaflet which was useful. Great to have confidence that these vitamins have been sourced by Doctors, rather than some invisible online company wanting to make money. Happy customers 😀

Mrs. ON
2nd November 2021