Vitamin K

Vitamin K

Phytomenadione helps with blood clotting and wound healing. There is some evidence that it keeps bones healthy too.

Good food sources include green leafy vegetables and cereal grains.

Recommended daily intake is 1 microgram per kg per day. This equates to around 50 to 90 micrograms per day for most adults.


  • We recommend new born babies do have a Vitamin K injection at birth. Whilst 'haemorrhagic disease of the newborn' is rare, it can be fatal.
  • Vitamin K is used to reverse of effects of the blood thinner warfarin when patients blood has become too thin. Many people no longer take warfarin and instead are prescribed one of the newer drugs. If you do take warfarin we advise you avoid supplements with Vitamin K or advise your local clinic and get your levels checked about a week after taking and more closely thereafter until levels have stabilised.