Food Tips To Maximise Nutrition

Food Tips To Maximise Nutrition

We all have our own ways and tips for storing, preparing and cooking food, but there are certain ways for certain foods that can really make big differences in the nutrient availability of your food depending on what you do with it.
In this article we will explore some excellent tips on how to preserve and maximise the nutritional value of your food so that you can maximise your personal nutritional potential...
Cut & Wait
With onions and garlic, you can increase the nutritional value by cutting them up and waiting at least 10 mins before cooking. This delay allows a compound and enzyme to mix to produce thiopropanal sulfoxide. Cutting your onions more thinly can increase the benefits too!
Freezing Bread

Put your bread in the freezer when purchased and not only will you stop your bread going mouldy and in the bin, freezing also increases the amount of unabsorbable starch which is good for your gut bacteria health. Plus it also reduces the amount of calories per slice!



We all do it. We put our Veg in the fridge drawer and forget about it and end up putting much of it in the bin. Why not try putting your veg on the top or middle shelf to improve visibility? Also, consider adding vegetables to meals you wouldn't normally to increase your meals nutritional value.


 Eating Raw

Heat breaks down vitamin B1, vitamin B5, folate, and vitamin C, so you get more of these nutrients when you eat certain foods raw like bell peppers, avocado, sunflower seeds, and broccoli raw.


 Better Cooked

Some foods have higher nutritional value when cooked like carrots, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, and asparagus. Steaming is generally the better option though.
Buy Local
As food is handled more and transported further, it loses its nutritional value so buying fresh and local is a great way to maximise your foods nutrition.
A Good Multivitamin Ensures You Fill All The Gaps In Your Nutritional Intake.
Despite best efforts, we don't all manage to maximise our nutritional potential through food alone. Plus some Vitamins aren't stored and are needed daily. Quality multivitamins are a great way to fill any gaps.