Copper helps to produce red and white blood cells and is important for infant growth, brain development, the immune system and bone strength. It also helps iron absorption.

Good food sources include nuts, shellfish and offal.

Daily recommended intake is 1.2mg / day for adults.

Deficiency can cause impaired glucose tolerance and higher cholesterol as well as including a range of symptoms including;

- fatigue and weakness

- weak and brittle bones

- memory and learning problems

- increased cold sensitivity

- pale skin

- vision problems


- Avoid high Vitamin C supplements that are available because high Vitamin C consumption can lead to copper deficiency.

- If you have or have a family history of Wilson's disease (high copper levels), you must not take any supplements with copper in.

Whilst copper deficiency is rare, it does help iron absorption which is a common problem. For this reason we have included copper in our multivitamin range.